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Heard and loved Serial podcast from This American Life? Then here are our picks of the best British true crime podcasts available to listen to right now.

So a crazy thing happened...I've been nominated at this year's Audible UK Audio Production Awards!

How saying two little words is empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The Fuck It Moments Podcast is back for a second series with Clare Freeman.

Frank Turner, Shirley Manson, Oasis and Blossoms... a handful of the names featured on Clare's 'Must-Listen' BBC Radio 5 Live podcast review this month.

There are THOUSANDS of football podcasts. So how exactly did David Mooney grow his MCFC fan series to 8,000 weekly listeners AND make it pay?

124. That's the median number of listens per podcast episode, according to research by Seth Godin. Think you can get rich podcasting, think twice.

Passion, honesty and authenticity isn't something you can buy. So what happens when you do put your head above the parapet as a podcast presenter?

Feeling stuck and out of inspiration? Here are ten quick wins to help you get back on the horse. And take note, it's not all about experience - it's about curiosity.

From swopping out commentaries, to changing the level of on-pitch sounds, to providing a service for impaired users - the chaps at Salford Acoustics have founded some great tech to capture rich, immersi...

Did you know - whilst wearing headphones sat in your pants on your sofa - you can go for a haircut in a virtual barbers, take a walk along the Congo River, or hear what it's like to sleep on the str...

Grab your headphones, a pen, paper and stop watch. Take 60 minutes out for a 3D puzzle/immersive fictional audio drama. Binaural sound just got competitive.

Clare Freeman and Colin Paterson interview sound recordist Chris Watson about binaural sound and podcasting on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Why are we so afraid to ask for them? Because the truth is, if you don't, then your series is most likely going to fade into the background of a growing competitive market.

How important are logos when it comes to podcasting? How can you make your podcast stand out from the crowd on Apple Podcasts? Graphic designer Gareth Price steps in with a Q&A.

Age, gender, where and how...some of the fascinating insights into who's really listening to podcasts and how as producers we can tailor our content to suit.

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