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124. That's the median number of listens per podcast episode, according to research by Seth Godin. Think you can get rich podcasting, think twice.

How can a small team or arts organisation, perhaps overstretched and always with limited funding, take their work and bring it to a wider audience through podcasting? Clare Freeman explains how.

Why are we so afraid to ask for them? Because the truth is, if you don't, then your series is most likely going to fade into the background of a growing competitive market.

No one likes listening to a dull monotone voice. No matter how interesting the content is. So how can you ensure your energy matches your message?

Working with Brightlife Cheshire always moves me. There's the laughter, the vulnerability, the honesty, the humour - but more importantly, I'm always left feeling privileged to witness what happ...

We're on tour! Spreading the gospel of why podcasting is made for everyone - business, or passion... We aim to inspire both those who are curious with little broadcast experience to those who have a...

Gulp. It's the reason most of you contact me. Which microphone do I need? How do I make it sound perfect? Which editing software should I use? And to be honest - I could give you a thousand differe...

Podcasting is certainly intriguing many businesses and charities, but a vast number of directors are telling me they’re struggling to join up the dots on why they might need to invest time in making one...

How important are our ‘shop windows’ when it comes to podcasting and running a business on the web? How are the breadcrumbs of how we conduct ourselves online appearing to potential listeners?

Our mission is to help ordinary people tell their incredible stories. The heartbeat of our business is creating award-winning journalism. But our passion is...

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