Grab your headphones, a pen, paper and stop watch. Take 60 minutes out for a 3D puzzle/immersive fictional audio drama. Binaural sound just got competitive.

Clare Freeman and Colin Paterson interview sound recordist Chris Watson about binaural sound and podcasting on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Why are we so afraid to ask for them? Because the truth is, if you don't, then your series is most likely going to fade into the background of a growing competitive market.

How important are logos when it comes to podcasting? How can you make your podcast stand out from the crowd on Apple Podcasts? Graphic designer Gareth Price steps in with a Q&A.

Age, gender, where and how...some of the fascinating insights into who's really listening to podcasts and how as producers we can tailor our content to suit.

Everyone and anyone is starting a podcast these days, especially celebrities. But how can we decipher the good from the ugly? And is this a good or bad thing?

No one likes listening to a dull monotone voice. No matter how interesting the content is. So how can you ensure your energy matches your message?

Ratings, reviews and subscribers matter. But how you build your tribe starts with ten tips on how to podcast from ASFB Productions' podcast coach Clare Freeman.

Working with Brightlife Cheshire always moves me. There's the laughter, the vulnerability, the honesty, the humour - but more importantly, I'm always left feeling privileged to witness what happ...

We're on tour! Spreading the gospel of why podcasting is made for everyone - business, or passion... We aim to inspire both those who are curious with little broadcast experience to those who have a...

Gulp. It's the reason most of you contact me. Which microphone do I need? How do I make it sound perfect? Which editing software should I use? And to be honest - I could give you a thousand differe...

As the number of UK podcast listeners has doubled over the last five years, so to has the demand on podcast production companies to showcase branded content.

From podcast production, voiceover, newsreading, branded content, coaching to presenting... A year in the life of Clare Freeman, now Podcast Coach for ASFB Productions.

The 'Discover Brightlife' series champions great work being done in Cheshire tackling loneliness and social isolation. It’s the first UK podcast series of its kind to capture the heartfelt stori...

After finding himself recently disabled, and his marriage of 33 years breaking down - Tim from Moulton reveals he’s only left the house three times in the last 9 months - and those visits were to Bright...

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