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April 24, 2018

It's a funny thing being a journalist some times. Yes, there are the early starts, the nightshifts, the pressure, plus endless doom and gloom... but then every so often one or two interviewees come along to reignite your passion and change your life a little bit.
Like the 75 year-old trans woman I met yesterday devoted to caring for her wife of 50+ years (who has Alzheimers) until death do them part...
Or the 90 year old woman I spent the afternoon with who discovered a knack for writing poetry and sketching in her late 80s! 

So today I'm feeling grateful for all the wonderful people I get to meet along the way, who trust me enough to tell their story - no matter how hard it may be to find the right words. 
In short, a new project is being released by our company ASFB Productions mid-May in partnership with a great charity - Brightlife. It's one of the biggest jobs I've ever taken on. It's proper life changing stuff - for me, for the contributors and for (hopefully) some of the listeners. From storytelling, narrating, transcribing, capturing intimate conversations... I'm using every tool in my producer's pallet. But I really can't wait to share it with you - and the rest of the world. To be continued...

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