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The Podcast Coach: Sharing ordinary people's extraordinary stories.

Where will your story take you?


What's holding you back from making the podcast series you've always dreamed of?

How can we help you take those first steps to start podcasting now?

What difference could a podcast make to your creativity?


Our aim at ASFB Productions is to guide you through the A-Z of podcasting. From recording to post-production, we’ll hold your hand every step. Whether you require graphic designers, marketers, audio engineers, music composers, artists, video producers and photographers…we operate as a one-stop shop, having already sought the best contacts in the business so you don't have to.


Our company values:

  • Loyalty - We do what we say we’ll do, we follow through in our promises but also expect our clients to do the same.

  • Fairness - We’re honest, speak truthfully and say no when we can’t do what is asked. In return we ask our clients to respect our honesty.

  • Making A Difference - We collaborate with projects which empower and inspire others, demonstrate positive influence in their field and want to make the world a better place. 

  • Creativity - Sharing stories is what we do best, we don’t operate from the status quo. No two projects we do are the same. We develop the right solution tailored to our client’s needs.

  • Curiosity - We see solutions where others only see problems. We continuously better ourselves by our employee’s training, our knowledge of the latest technology and our insight into how the market is changing. We look for new and innovative ways to improve how we work. We ask why not, when others simply ask - why.

ASFB Productions offers training and consultancy services to new and current podcasters.

We’ve studied, trained and worked in the audio industry for the last decade. Our knowledge saves you hours and helps you skip a few heartbreaking mistakes along your journey - know that we’ve made them on your behalf to spare your pain!


Contact us now for a discovery call on how we can help you start podcasting now... 

How you can work with us:

We coach, train and consult with both first-time and established podcasters.

We create bespoke series for businesses wanting to promote branded content.

Read our blog for more in-depth knowledge on where and why to start podcasting now.

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