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Aged 10, our company director Clare Savory dreamt of having her own production company called A Small Furry Bear. She presented radio shows on a ghetto blaster in her bedroom with her little brother. Now, some 20+ years later, as a podcast coach and presenter - that day dream is an everyday reality..

   I truly believe that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. But sometimes we all need an extra helping hand along the way, especially when it comes to starting out podcasting. That's why I set up ASFB Productions. To share my knowledge and passion for audio with you.

Clare Savory, Company Director


Inclusive Mosque Initiative

appreciated to have a journalist that listens and isn't insisting to
regurgitate the usual stereotypes of oppressed Muslim women in their own

Rosie Boulton,
BBC Radio 4 Producer

Clare seems to sense where radio is headed and where the new potential for broadcasting lies. And basically, she's a great person to have around with her boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humour. 

Lynne Holden, BBC Radio 2

For BBC Radio 2 ‘s Young Brass Award of the Year…..Clare will always be our first choice to assist on this programme – she is talented, skilled and experienced across so many diverse programmes and is a great asset.

Sarah Andrews,

BBC Radio 4 The Archers

At the risk of sounding like a school report, Clare Freeman is hard working, reliable, trustworthy,
creative, full of ideas, organised, not one to sit back, keen and eager to learn more skills, take
new challenges, and fun to be around. She is a
totally safe pair of hands.

Judges at the Jerusalem Awards 2017:
Winner of Best Radio Strand

Truly fitting of the great city from which it comes…willing to ask any question and to leave questions open, this is 21 century religious broadcasting. 

Elly Moritz,
BBC North West Tonight TV

Clare was a star when it came to generating ideas for the programme, and brought a great enthusiasm to production meetings. She totally grasped the ethos of multi-platform working, and has shown that she can fulfil the needs of TV, radio, online and social media when generating and covering stories.

Who is our director Clare Savory?

The Podcast Coach: Helping ordinary people share extraordinary stories.


Coaching. Consulting. Production.


What the heck I do:

I coach, train and consult with first-time and established podcasters. 

I soundscape bespoke storytelling series for charities and businesses wanting to promote branded content. 

I've birthed series which have turned from passion to profit, and podcast to TV show.

I co-present a podcast regularly featured in the top 10 health and fitness series in the UK charts.

I exec produce immersive audio content with The Space and BBC Sounds.

I write blogs on behind the scenes of how to podcast and am a podcast reviewer on BBC Radio 5Live.

I present workshops and training sessions to in-house marketing teams.

I work throughout Europe: From Cyprus, Holland, Luxembourg to Spain.

I get paid to record in churches, cars, kitchens, back rooms of pubs, offices, football stadiums and ice rinks...!


Series I’m proud to play a part in:

>Discover Brightlife Podcast - commissioned by Brightlife Cheshire/Age UK Cheshire, a Big Lottery Funded project tackling loneliness and social isolation

>SES’s Satellite Stories Podcast - narrated, scripted, storytelling branded content taking you behind the scenes of connectivity via Luxembourg.

>Slimming World Podcast - I co-present the series documenting the truth behind what it takes to lose and maintain a 5 stone weight loss.

>The Fuck It Moments Podcast - what happened next, how a split decision changed individuals’ lives forever - topics include Mexican mafia drug cartel, Nelson Mandela, infertility, suicide and homophobia.


More podcast insight here:


(Little extra: Occasionally I read the news on BBC Radio 5Live, produce TV at BBC Breakfast and present workshops for the BBC Academy.)

Podcast Consultancy

Startup, A-Z, monetising, marketing and more.

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