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The Podcast Coach: Sharing ordinary people's extraordinary stories.

Where will your story take you?

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Our aim at ASFB Productions is to guide you through the A-Z of podcasting. From recording to post-production, we’ll hold your hand every step. Whether you require graphic designers, marketers, audio engineers, music composers, artists, video producers and photographers…we operate as a one-stop shop, having already sought the best contacts in the business so you don't have to.


You might be pondering what all the fuss is about podcasting and whether you should create one? 
Or perhaps you're an avid podcast listener with several ideas but no clue where to start?

Unlike broadcasting, there are no hard and fast rules in podcasting, no niche is too niche.

You set the agenda and create a direct link with your listeners - whether it's a series to promote your business, or as a space to share your passion.

But how do you make your diamond in the rough shine brightly in today’s busy podcast marketplace?

Especially when you don't want to break the bank or are 'just dipping your toe in' to find out more.

Cue - Clare Freeman, the podcast coach - someone who has 10 years’ + experience in broadcasting; won awards for documentary making and has reported on some of the biggest breaking news stories of the last 5 years.

Yet openly she admits that when it first came to podcasting full-time (6 years ago), Clare felt like she had to go back to school and learn her craft all over again.

Fast forward to 2019, she's gathered experience from all the different types of podcast series she's produced - and helps fast-track ASFB Productions' clients to get started but without making the same mistakes as she made all those years ago. 

How you can work with us:

We coach, train and consult with both first-time and established podcasters.

We create bespoke series for businesses wanting to promote branded content.

We run PodCamps to connect new podcasters with a community of like-minded individuals.

Read our blog for more in-depth knowledge on where and why to start podcasting now.