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What if there was a tribe of people just like you who wanted to start a podcast too?

You know what? There is.

And that's why on the 15th January 2020 our director, Clare Freeman, is running an ASFB PodCamp for people just like you >>>

Hey I'm Clare. I still remember the first podcast episode I ever published... 

I was terrified. Imposter syndrome, tech failures, hosting complications, art work rejection... Everything that could go wrong - did.

But I got through it.

And now? 7 years later I help people just like you make podcasts too - minus all the mishaps I faced when starting out!

See, I'm already coaching many people in your shoes.

And the thing that likely connects you with most of my podcast coaching clients?


Fear of sounding stupid.

Fear of not knowing how to work the tech.

Fear that no one will listen.

Fear that it'll sound naff.

Fear that they haven't got enough time to do everything that's needed.

Fear of being overwhelmed.

Fear of having all the gear but no idea.

Fear of not knowing where to begin.

If you've got to this point, it's likely you've already looked at or even attended day workshops, read countless articles online, watched endless YouTube videos and maybe even started that remote online course in your spare evenings.

But still you haven't made the first step in starting that podcast...

In my opinion - online courses, books, day workshops, YouTube videos and articles lack two essential ingredients every podcaster needs when starting out:

1. Accountability

2. Feeling part of community of like-minded individuals

So what if there was a solution where you and a bunch of other wannabe podcasters from all around the world dedicated a little chihuahua step each day for one month to take you from 'have-no-clue-podcaster to 'publishing-your-first-episode-podcaster?

Book your space right now.

Why do I think I am I credible enough to run this?

I've worked on 15 + series including podcasts for Age UK, Big Lottery Fund, SES, Slimming World.

I present at BBC, Creative England and The Space events regularly.

I've 15 years experience in the audio world. 10 years at the BBC. And almost 7 years as a full time podcaster.

I'm a podcaster reviewer for BBC Radio 5Live.

I already coach individuals all over the world.

I've created communities from zero to 100,000 listeners within 8 months.

I've monetised two of my own passion series, and am paid for all my branded content podcasts.

But more importantly - because I love podcasts.

I'm excited to share with you how they've changed my whole world - creatively, and financially.

And why I think they can change your world too.

Book your space right now.

Who do I think might benefit from ASFB's PodCamp?

First time podcasters - be it for passion or business.

Established podcasters who need to go back to basics for a refresher.

In-house marketing teams curious on how to repurpose existing content and build their brand on a new platform.

Creative agencies wanting to know how they work best with clients who want to podcast.

Here's the brief proviso of how it'll work:

You commit to work with me a little everyday from Wed 15th January to Wednesday 12th February 2020.

We connect as a group in a closed-invite only Slack group for daily videos and accountability exercises posted by me Monday to Friday.

We speak directly with a 'things to think about' class and group discussion every Wednesday evening at 7pm via Zoom.

You are held accountable, understood and supported by me AND your peers.

Content wise we cover everything from mission statement, art work, tech, media hosts, editing, picking great guests, marketing to developing your audience.

Wonder how much this will cost?


No hidden costs.

The Slack app is free, so is Zoom.

All you need is some ideas, a smart phone, a new notepad, a nice pen, some headphones and internet connection.

Questions? Email us directly via

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