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'Discover Brightlife' podcast on BBC Radio Manchester

Chris McClelland (Head of Brightlife/Age Uk Cheshire), Mike Sweeney (Presenter at BBC Radio Manchester) & Clare Freeman (Presenter/Producer of Discover Brightlife podcast)

We were delighted to have the chance to talk about our new podcast series on Mike Sweeney's mid-morning programme on BBC Radio Manchester this morning!

The 'Discover Brightlife' series champions great work being done in Cheshire tackling loneliness and social isolation. It’s the first UK podcast series of its kind to capture the heartfelt stories of those who have suddenly found themselves facing life alone over 50.

Head honcho for Brightlife Cheshire, Chris McClelland, joined me live in the MediaCityUK studios to talk about how loneliness really can impact any of us, and what the aims of the project are when it comes to reducing social isolation.

We were also joined on the phone by star of episode 4 of the podcast series - Audrey Thomas, who in her 80s learnt to sketch and write poetry!

Once leading a busy bustling life within her community - suddenly Audrey found herself housebound with health complications and no driving licence living alone in a sleepy Cheshire village. She credits Brightlife for "giving her her life back".

You can listen back to our on air interview in full by clicking play on the track below:


Audrey only had a fleeting appearance whilst we were on BBC Radio Manchester, but for her full story I highly recommend you listen to her episode in the series!

Audrey Thomas (Star of Episode 4 of Discover Brightlife podcast series)

Widowed at 59 and now 90, episode 4 features Audrey reading a letter aloud to her 30 year-old self.

She considers Brightlife a lifeline to helping her find new hobbies and friends - proving that you’re never too old for anything in life.

From finding her talents in poetry, to an appearance on page 3 of the local paper, to an interview on BBC radio, to even being the subject of a leading American health conference discussing loneliness!

For more information about Brightlife Cheshire and the podcast series, click here:

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