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Live streaming in Antarctica...

Fancy visiting Antarctica? Curious about climate change?

Yep, me too 👋

(Although time and money is a sliiiight issue in making it a reality!)

Then hold the front page - I’ve just published an episode that may pique your interest! 🧐

One of my podcast clients SES Satellites is helping the polar explorer Robert Swan live stream his latest expedition right now! Over the next few days they’ll be capturing and presenting footage as part of their 2041 Foundation project.

And the beauty is - thanks to some incredible technical wizardry - we can all watch it live from wherever we are in the world! 🤩

Listen here to a snippet of the fab presenter Kristina Smith-Meyer narrating a script and soundscape I created using clips of Robert’s previous expeditions. *SOUND ON* 🎧

The videos used here are actually shamelessly stolen from Robert and @gez_antarctica and were snapped over the last few days as they make their way to Antarctica 📸

If you’re curious about their expedition, why the year 2041 is so important for climate projects in Antarctica and man behind the name first to walk both the north and south poles - then here's a link to listen to the episode in full. Incredible story!

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