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How To Podcast: Boost Your Profile Right Now

Three quick fixes to raise your podcast profile right now... 1. Ask your listeners to rate review and subscribe to your podcast. Activity drives popularity over listener figures on platforms such as Apple Podcasts. Make it second nature to include this ask in your intro and your outro, even on social media and episode blurb. Even better - give them a taste of what’s on your next episode - a reason to subscribe. 2. Check your media host is publishing your podcast on as many platforms as possible. Even free hosts such as Anchor publish on Spotify, Google podcasts & Apple Podcasts. Make sure you’re being heard in as many places as possible - if not, email your host (especially if you’re pa

How To Podcast: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway...

Susan Jeffer. What a book: 'Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway'. Not read it? Go, buy it now - I must be on to my fourth copy as I’ve worn out previous copies or given them away to countless friends and colleagues. In the world of podcasting, putting ourselves ‘out there’ can leave us feeling pretty darn fearful. We often find ourselves focusing on the ‘hows’ not the ‘whats’. Then before we know it, suddenly the idea of starting a podcast, or keeping one going seems terrifyingly overwhelming. I know. I’ve been there. But ask every podcaster in the top 100 episodes of Apple Podcasts right now if they’ve ever sat in private agonising over a silly mistake or listener feedback, and you’ll struggle t


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