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124. The Truth About Podcast Listener Figures...

124. That's the median number of listens per podcast episode, according to research by Seth Godin.

Think you can get rich podcasting, think twice...

One of Seth's recent Akimbo episodes was THE talk of last night's MIC Media podcaster meet up in Manchester.

Everyone was so relieved that they didn't need to have thousands or millions of listeners to be deemed a successful podcaster. And that if you wanted, you can make a little money without being in the top 1% of podcasters.

The legend that is Seth Godin

Shout out to one of my podcast coach clients, Mike Baldwin, for making me aware of this particular episode - as listening to it has been a source of great comfort both as someone working 'in the industry' but also as an everyday podcaster. And it seems that I wasn't the only one thinking this - as I say it was an episode EVERYONE was raving about in our meet up last night...

It's called 'Meta' and the description in the blurb simply reads 'a podcast about podcasts'.

Here's the link to listen, you only need the first 15 minutes if you're short on time - but whether you're a podcaster or someone working in branding and marketing curious about whether a podcast is worth pursuing - this episode really lays out the landscape of what podcasting is all about.

Seth's closing words - you don't write a book to become rich, you write a book because you want to write a book. The same should apply to podcasting.

Yes sir. Bravo! *Punches the air in agreement*

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