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Free Podcast Training!


Thanks to the independent theatre studio, China Plate, the whole of my 'How To Podcast' webinar is available online for until 26th May 2020!

It includes my 'nine things you need to know', there's tips on thinking about who your podcast audience is, questioning why you're making one in the first place, insight into tech AND marketing...

The webinar is part of a Digital Discovery series, a new artist development programme that aims to inspire artists and producers working on studio to mid-scale productions to think creatively about what ‘digital content’ is, what their digital impact could be and what is possible.

Watch the whole shabang (runs about 1 hour 20 mins long including Q&A) right here on Vimeo, or via the China Plate website.

Some lovely reviews from those who attended the session live:

"If you missed it first time around, this is excellent. Massively well informed and really lively and enjoyable." Nick Walker

"Phenomenal podcasting workshop with Clare Freeman, I literally wrote down every tip you said - so grateful." Will Lewis

My introduction to podcasting is just one of four webinars in this series.

There are more sessions up for grabs should you need them...

Please note, due to copyright these sessions are only available until 26th May - please use, consume and share with anyone you know who may be interested!

However, if you do miss out - drop me an email on as I tour these training sessions regularly online and across the UK.

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