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The Daily Podcast Review (#1)

To be a great author you need to read many great books...

My theory is that the same process must be true to become a great podcaster.

Every morning I listen to a new podcast to explore and harness my understanding of the medium a little further.

And for those of you who are new to the podcast world or looking for a new series to get your teeth into - voila. Plenty of inspiration to get you started.

Follow my thread for #TheDailyPodcastReview on my twitter profile and follow the accompanying Spotify playlist...

Below are week #1's podcast reviews, from fantasy fiction, current affairs to fertility...


Podcast: Imagined Life

Episode Title: The Wanderer

Category: Fiction

Producer: Wondery


True storytelling escapism! Disappear into the life - from start to end - of a young lonely black student to bus boy to famous American poet. Soundscaped scripted polished studio production. Love the reveal of the character's true identity at the very end!


Podcast: #Forest404

Episodes listened to: Ep 0, Ep 1, T1, S1, Ep 2, T2, S2, Ep 3, T3, S3.

Category: Fiction

Producer: Becky Ripley and many other awesome award-winning folk at BBC Radio 4.

In short: Bingeable British drama meets Men In Black, with a sprinkling of Bonobo theme music.

More thoughts:

What a joy to listen to the sound of the rainforest whilst walking in the Peak District being interrupted by lambs! What if you never heard a bird sing ever again? Through drama, soundscapes and informational talks - this series teaches us to appreciate the importance of nature for our mental wellbeing. Beautifully layered binaural sound design, immersive sci-fi story with an all-female cast. More-ish!


Episode: The Clinic

Category: True Crime

Producer: Jenny Kleeman/Somethin’ Else

In short: Real life fertility stories. What if your dad wasn't really your dad?

More Thoughts:

Shocking story of a man & woman who discover the true identity of their father…As well as over 60 others siblings they never knew about.

Production: part as-live reporter/part scripted narration, interspersed with real life interview clips. This was a recommendation from someone on my ‘How To Podcast’ webinar last week!


Episode: Victory over coronavirus: The lessons of VE day

Category: Daily News

In short: What can VE Day tell us about the coronavirus? What can we expect when lockdown is lifted?

More thoughts:

News archive interspersed with quality historian storytelling. Standard current affairs podcast: scripted, lively clip sequence with music to break up speech.

Did I learn something? Yes. Has it changed my perspective? Absolutely.

BBC Radio 3's The Essay and Deepak Chopra!


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