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History Podcasts: Where to start?

From Emmeline Pankhurst to Barbie, Abraham Lincoln to Vladimir Putin... History and politics was our theme for March’s Must Listen podcast segment on BBC Radio 5live.

ASFB Productions' Clare Freeman and that cheerful podcast-ing fella Geoff Lloyd play a few clips and chew the cud over these beauties from midnight: The Big Steal, 1865, The History Chicks and The Dollop.

Get a cup of tea, have a biscuit (or two), put your feet up and watch back their chat about all things in the past...and present, kinda.

[Broadcast live on BBC Radio 5Live 0000 - 0030, Tuesday 3rd March 2020.]

Links to the podcast series via Spotify right here to save you trawling through and searching!

For more on podcast reviews, every morning via #TheDailyPodcastReview I listen to a new podcast to explore and harness my understanding of the medium a little further.

If you're new to the podcast world or looking for a new series to get your teeth into - voila. Plenty of inspiration to get you started.

Follow my thread for #TheDailyPodcastReview on my twitter profile and follow the accompanying Spotify playlist.

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