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Culture In Quarantine commissions

Oops I forgot to tell you all something really exciting... I'm currently consulting with some incredibly talented folk as part of the BBC and Arts Council #CultureinQuarantine series!

From tales of birdsong over the four seasons in the North East with field artist Geoff Sample, to crafting the words of NHS staff through fictional poetry and binaural sound with Wayward Productions, to Soumik Datta reflecting on sounds of silence with international performers... They really are some of the most ambitious projects I've peered into the making of.

As a Space associate and podcast coach, I'm supporting three of the overall 25 commissions. From help with scripting, to shaping the story arc, to offering an editorial nose - together we're hoping these pieces will be ready to unveil in August 2020.

Behind the scenes, they really are turning into incredibly beautiful immersive audio pieces! Each capturing the waves of changing emotions we're all feeling during our lockdown periods, in ways that in years to come will serve as fantastic legacies for future generations. We can't wait to share them with you!

Initially they'll be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (in The Essay and Between The Ears slots), there'll then be available on the BBC Sounds app as podcasts and eventually released on the artist's own platforms or developed into entirely new mediums (one is later to become a theatre production!).

More to follow in summer 2020 once they're released. Thank you to The Space for their ear and kind words to commission me as a consultant on these projects. It's a joy to know that artists like all of these guys are being supported and that there's a platform available on which they can 'perform' despite lockdown restrictions.


Here's the official press release by BBC/Arts Council, and a bit of blurb on the upcoming projects I'm supporting.

To mark the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale's birth and the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, Wayward Productions are creating a stage adaptation of Christie Watson's bestselling memoir about her 20-year nursing career.

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