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Having a GAS: Seeking Opportunity During A Global Crisis

There's always an upturn to a downside...and it seems whilst many companies have understandably struggled throughout the coronavirus lockdown, plenty have used this opportunity as a time to revamp their digital offering.

MediaCityUK based music and sound designers, Gas Is Music, have released their first podcast series - both on YouTube and the usual podcasting platforms. All recorded, edited and published since March 2020.

Their series 'Having a Gas with...' features some incredibly high brow guests - US music mogul Steve Albini, Britpop lover/head of film at creative agency HAVAS Lynx - Neil Williams and Richard Hillgrove - PR consultant to Vivienne Westwood, Julian Assange and Duncan Banatyne.

Amongst those headliners, is a conversation with ASFB Productions' director - me - Clare Freeman! In it I share insights into building the Slimming World Podcast brand, experimenting with the medium using the NHL Fans From Afar podcast, a reference to Seth Godin's Akimbo podcast titled 'Meta' and we talk of the punk DIY ethos of podcasters or bands such as Black Honey...

The hour long interview offers an insight into the podcasting world, it's history and it's future, as well as my own musical history: from the red recorder for Christmas to becoming a classical violinist, to reading the BBC news and now working as an international podcast consultant...

Thank you Greg Owens and the team at Gas Is Music for the interest and opportunity in my story, and many congratulations on the release of your first podcast series!

You can watch the conversation in full with presenter Greg Owens on YouTube, and it's also available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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