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Podcasts As A Marketing Tool

Could a podcast be a better option for you, instead of an all-dancing-singing YouTube channel or beautifully crafted blog?

How can you stand out in a busy noisy crowd when it comes to marketing?

Now, where did I leave my bike again? Standing out in a crowd in Malmao, Sweden.

You could be forgiven for thinking podcasts are the cheaper, easier-to-make sister compared to investing in an expensive online video series... But to make your podcast series go from good to great takes consistency and some serious planning.

Earlier this month Duncan and David Wright at BSA Marketing, based in Glossop, interviewed me about the impact branded podcasts can have as part of your marketing strategy on their podcast 'Marketing Matters'.

During this episode we talk about why passion shines more than perfection, understanding how listeners consume their podcasts and top tips on what to think about in the early days of setting up. We reflect on why consistency is key, the truth about listener figures, knowing your why and my thoughts on something I call 'the seven episode itch'... !

Key takeaway: Before starting, think about why and who you are making a podcast series for.

Plenty more episodes about marketing from Duncan and David on their series, The Marketing Matters Podcast, here and all the usual places you listen to your podcasts.

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